Across barriers

Creating a culture of inclusion: overcoming cross-cultural barriers


Meet our founders

Stiven Muccioli

Founder & CEO

Stiven is Tech Entrepreneur, investor Founder and CEO of BKN301 and the Venture Capital firm SM Capital.

Founder and former CMTO of Ventis, Fintech company then sold to Iccrea Banca Group. 

He founded Libertas, the first widely used news App in the Republic of San Marino and founded and later sold the e-commerce company Tippest. 

Angel Investor of the Founder Institute of San Francisco, the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator, based in Silicon Valley, through which he invested in startups like Realty Mogul, Andalin and MallIQ.

Federico Zambelli Hosmer

Founder and CBO

Federico is investor Founder and CBO of BKN301.

He has over twenty years of B2B and B2C experience in banking and financial services, out of which a decade spent at PayPal in Sales and Business Development with different responsibilities, as Head of Small & Medium Business of Western Europe and as General Manager of PayPal Italy.

He has a solid track record in top management roles within the international environment, strong skills as startup investor, business strategist and innovation.

Luca Bertozzi

Founder and CFO

Luca is investor Founder and CFO of BKN301.

Also Founder and former CFO of Ventis, Fintech company then sold to Iccrea Banca Group. 

He has relevant investment and advisory track-record in e-commerce and medtech startups.

He has spent his entire career in high technology finance and business development: previously worked as Equity Capital Markets Analyst at Integrae SIM SpA, and as Finance Specialist at Hewlett Packard.
Luca is CPA and Certified Auditor.

At BKN301, we know that diversity is a strength. We celebrate the unique perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds that each employee brings to our organization. However, we also understand that cultural differences can sometimes create challenges in the workplace. That’s why we’re committed to building bridges and fostering an inclusive environment where all employees feel valued and supported.

What is Inclusion?

Inclusion is more than just a buzzword. It’s a mindset that involves recognizing and celebrating the diversity of our workforce. It’s about creating a culture where every employee feels welcomed, respected, and empowered to be their authentic selves. By promoting inclusion, we can unlock the full potential of our team and drive innovation and growth.

Overcoming cross-cultural barriers

At BKN301, we understand that cross-cultural barriers can lead to miscommunication and conflict in the workplace. That’s why we’re taking proactive steps to overcome these challenges.
We provide our employees with training and resources to develop cross-cultural communication skills and promote open and respectful communication. We also recognize the value of building relationships and connections among team members to foster understanding and trust.
At BKN301, we believe that our differences make us stronger. We’re committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued, supported, and empowered to contribute their best work. By embracing diversity and promoting inclusion, we can unlock the full potential of our team and achieve our goals together.

BKN301 Crew

Santiago Mazza
Santiago MazzaCountry Leader San Marino
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"Overcoming barriers means understanding local needs, bringing innovation, and creating positive change for better living."
Yu Tan
Yu TanProject Manager
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"Breaking through cultural barriers in the workplace takes time and effort, but with an open mind and the right corporate culture, it is possible to overcome them. Embedding knowledge through continuous learning not only expands our skills but also builds self-confidence, allowing us to live life to the fullest."
Leonardo Racheli
Leonardo RacheliBusiness Product Analyst
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"Overcoming barriers requires creativity and resourcefulness. It's about finding the most effective path forward, whether breaking down, jumping over, or finding a way around obstacles."
Giorgi Agladze
Giorgi AgladzeCountry Leader Caucasus and Stans Market
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"Across barriers, beyond difficulties, challenges can transform into victories. It's the last step that fulfills the mission, bringing a happiness like never before."
Jessica Zavatta
Jessica ZavattaSenior Functional Analyst
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"Traveling represents going beyond borders and discovering new cultures, but crossing barriers doesn't always require physically crossing borders. By appreciating and understanding cultural diversity, limitations can become new possibilities."
Shaker Sami
Shaker SamiCountry Leader North Africa and Levant
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"Let's embrace the Egyptian visionary approach towards financial inclusion and digital transformation, aligning with Egypt's Vision 2030. Together, we can facilitate the expansion of financial technology and drive positive change in Africa."